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a good country mile

First new Kevn Kinney solo record since 2004! Produced by Whisper Tames The Lion and (Whatever Happened To) The Great American Bubble Factory producer Anton Fier. Featured musicians include Anton Fier, Chris Masterson, Jim Campilongo, Andy Hess, Tony Scherr, Aaron Lee Tasjan, Jon Cowherd, Eleanor Masterson, Leslie Mendelson and Lianne Smith.

  1. never gonna change
  2. gotta move on (again)
  3. challenge
  4. hurricane
  5. wild dog moon pt.2
  6. a good country mile
  7. set in stone
  8. bird
  9. in the land (of things that used to be)
  10. southwestern state

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Pre-Approved Pre-Denied
  1. Pre-Approved Pre-Denied
  2. Catchin Up To Myself
  3. From Me To You (DNC)
  4. Southwestern State (By Jason Ross)
  5. She (DNC)
  6. Which Jesus
  7. Song For Me
  8. Yankee Truckdriver Blues
  9. Wishes
  10. Who Hid The Moonshine

    Speakeasy (spoken word tracks)

  11. My Friend Todd
  12. Painted Bird
  13. Blue
  14. Under The Shed
  15. Dads' 42
  16. If Buddha Had A Torque Wrench
  17. The Ottoman
  18. Athletes Getting High
  19. Defibrillator
  20. Grampa's TV
  21. Julie Hanson
  22. Big Hat

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Comin' Round Again
(Rosa) June 6, 2006
  1. Comin' Round Again
  2. The Country Song
  3. 40 Miles of Mountain Road
  4. Thought by Now (You'd Figure It Out)
  5. Covered by an Underground Umbrella
  6. Kinda Like You
  7. Sometimes I Wish I Didn't Care
  8. Blues on Top of Blues
  9. Tell Him Something for Me
  10. Chattahoochie Coochie Man
  11. I Wonder

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Sun Tangled Angel Revival
(Compadre) September 28, 2004
  1. Sun Tangled Angel Revival
  2. Fly Your Flag High
  3. In the Land of Plenty
  4. Everything's So Different Now
  5. Train Don't Stop at the Millworks Anymore
  6. Baby I Just Wanna Go Home
  7. The Great North Myrtle Beach Pancake Massacre
  8. Madman Blues
  9. Epilogue Epitaph in A Minor

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Broken Hearts and Auto Parts
(Evil Teen) March 26, 2002
  1. Broken Hearts and Auto Parts
  2. It's Comin Down This Way
  3. Back Roads & Rainy Days
  4. Yes That's Me
  5. Time
  6. Why Does it Feel So Hard to Say
  7. Lightning Strikes Twice
  8. Lights On
  9. No Blues
  10. A Good Country Mile

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The Flower and the Knife
(Capricorn) May 2, 2000
  1. Trail of Seasons
  2. Scarred but Smarter
  3. Whatever
  4. This Town
  5. 40 Miles of Mountain Road
  6. Quittin' Time
  7. Dirty Angels
  8. Above the World
  9. Flower and the Knife
  10. Kerouac
  11. Hollis Brown
  12. I Shall Be Released
  13. Straight to Hell

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Down Out Law
(Mammoth) January 25, 1994
  1. Down and Out Law
  2. Save For Me
  3. Midwestern Blues
  4. Eye of the Hurricane
  5. Shindig with the Lord
  6. Bird
  7. Tell Him Something for Me
  8. Chattahoochie Coochie Man
  9. So Take a Look at Me Now
  10. Mountain Top
  11. Never Far Behind
  12. Epilogue
  13. Beatnik Haight Street Kerouacian Ripoff in E

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Main Street Soundtrack
(Terminus) October 9, 2000
  1. To Deep To Sleep - Confessions Of A Beatles Casualty
  2. Broken Windows - The Main Street Theme
  3. They're Speaking Spanish In The Kitchen (And Love Is In The Air)
  4. She Told Him You're A Good Man
  5. Carolina (You Ain't Superstar Material)
  6. 9 To 5 On A Payphone (Go Home We Got Business To Do)
  7. Tired Eyes (Vs. The Pimp In The Mirror)
  8. Of Course It Fell Apart, What Did You Expect
  9. She's Got Her Kids On The Weekend
  10. I Wonder If You Understand (It's Only That My Hands Were Tired)
  11. Too Deep For Sleep Part II
  12. Main Street
  13. You Ain't Superstar Material 'No Baby's Mama Drama (DJ Gnosis Remix)'

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MacDougal Blues
(Island) January 1990
  1. MacDougal Blues
  2. Not Afraid to Die
  3. Lost and Found
  4. Heard the Laughter Ending
  5. Last Song of Maddie Hope
  6. Gotta Get Out of Here
  7. House Above Tina's Grocery
  8. Iron Mountain
  9. Chico & Maria
  10. Hey Landlord (Meatloaf and Fishsticks)
  11. Goodnight Rhyme
With Drivin' N' Cryin'
  • 1986 Scarred But Smarter (Island)
  • 1987 Whisper Tames The Lion (Island)
  • 1989 Mystery Road (Island)
  • 1991 Live On Fire (Island)
  • 1991 Fly Me Courageous (Island)
  • 1993 Smoke (Island)
  • 1995 Wrapped In The Sky (Geffen)
  • 1997 Drivin' N' Cryin' (Ichiban)
  • 1999 Essential Live Drivin' N' Cryin' (Platinum)

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